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2-layer vanilla sponge cake

Moist Red Velvet cake

Simply elegant Cake for males

Light fruit cake with fondant icing

Chocolate layered sandwich cake

50th gold themed birthday cake

Chocolate marble cake

Red Velvet cake frosted top

Black Forest Gateau cake

cream frosted vanilla flavoured cake

Fruit topped cake

2 tier Blue tuxedo themed cake wit red bow tie

2 tier cake 80th celebration birthday cake

Elaborate 2 tier flower applique cake

Dessert Cake, Buttercream iced with Gold

Dessert Cake, Buttercream iced with Gold

Simply elegant, 2 tier 40th birthday cake

2 tier Louis Vuitton themed cake celebrating love

Elegant 2 tier cake

2 tier White cake

Rich chocolate cake

Traditional Christmas Cake rich in Fruits, spices and nuts

Cream Frosted Vanilla Flavoured Cake ​

Simply Elegant, 2 Tier Mummy's Birthday Cake ​